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Olympic selection of Women International Rowing Team

@TILBURG - The Netherlands:
February + March 2016

For Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 08-2016: Winter-camp qualifications

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February 1st, 2016
Received at Tilburg Townhall (European Sports City 2016) by Alderman Sport Affairs Mister
HANS KOKKE (third from the left).
Photo taken by
Marijn Vuijsters.

Week-agenda athletes in the period of 2016-01-31 - 2016-03-03:

2016-02-23 a.m.
RESULTS TRIALS 2.000 METERS : Side-headwind 3 Bft of which 50% in heat 1 (3 single sculls) and 90% in heat 2 (1 double scull), 6 degrees celsius:

Heat 1 (singles)
Winner in neutral Lane 2: Mahsa Javer in 8 minutes 10 seconds (heavy-weight candidate)
Second in fast Lane 1: Roxanna Dehghan in 8 minutes 24 seconds (heavy-weight candidate)
Third in slow Lane 3: Nazanin Malaei in 8 minutes 28 seconds (light-weight candidate)

Heat 2 (double)
Homeyra Barzegar Tamrin (stroke) & Nazanin Rahmani (bow) in 7 minutes 54 seconds (light-weight candidates)

2016-02-25 p.m.
RESULTS TRIALS 2.000 METERS : Side-headwind wnw 3-4 Bft, 4 degrees celsius (double scull + single scull):

Winner in slow lane 3: Nazanin Malaei (stroke) & Nazanin Rahmani (bow) in 7 minutes 48 seconds (light-weight candidates)
Second in neutral lane: Homeyra Barzegar Tamrin (stroke-light) & Roxanna Dehghan (bow-heavy) in 7 minutes 50 seconds (mixed-weight candidates)
Third in fast lane, single scull: Mahsa Javer in 8 minutes 30 seconds (heavy-weight candidate)

2016-02-27 p.m.
RESULTS TRIALS 2.000 METERS : Side-rearwind NE 4-5 Bft, 6 degrees celsius (double scull + single scull):

Winner double: Homeyra Barzegar Tamrin (stroke-light) & Nazanin Malaei (bow-light) in 7 minutes 43 seconds (light-weight candidates)
Second double: Roxanna Dehghan (stroke-heavy) & Nazanin Rahmani (bow-light) in 8 minutes 00 seconds (mixed-weight candidates)
Third single: Mahsa Javer in 8 minutes 14 seconds (heavy-weight candidate)

2016-03-01 p.m.
+5 degrees celsius:

1.500 METERS
Mahsa JAVER: 5:22:3
Roxanna DEHGHAN: 5:31:1
Nazanin MALAEI: 5:31:2
Homeyra BARZEGAR TAMRIN: 5:42:4
Nazanin RAHMANI: 5:42:9

Roxanna DEHGHAN: 46:2
Mahsa JAVER: 48:4
Nazanin MALAEI: 50:5
Nazanin RAHMANI: 50:5

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Indoor-trainer Job Ooms, member of the Olympic group Noord-Brabant, inside JOOP OOMS SPORT: See weekly agenda for trainings-indoor. Left: Job Ooms, right: Afshin Farzam. Photo taken bij Aernout Bakels.

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2016-02-26 Coach talks for 5 hours at Restaurant Meesters Tilburg. From left to right: Peter J. Klomp, Aernout R.S. Bakels, Afshin Farzam. Photo taken by Afshin FARZAM.

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“Goodbye”, after last trial dated 2016-02-27 late-p.m., to Dutch Coach Peter J.Klomp (3rd. from the right): Say (from left to right): Nazanin RAHMANI, Homeyra BARZEGAR TAMRIN, Nazanin MALAEI, Afshin FARZAM, Roxanna DEHGHAN & Mahsa JAVER. Photo taken by Afshin FARZAM.

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“Goodbye”, after last indoor-training dated 2016-03-02 a.m., to Dutch Indoor-Coach Job Ooms (front-middle). Photo taken by Afshin FARZAM.

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Just after the above photo was taken @Townhall TILBURG by Marijn Vuijsters, a near accident occurred with Nazanin Malaei (right on the photo), who was almost overdriven by a car: "Biking in the Netherlands is not ONLY an art!" Bikes were sponsored by SPIJKERS Bkes Tilburg, as well as the red cloths against the frequent rain. Feeling-temperatures under rainy circumstances, windy at 3-4 Bft. and +5 degrees Celsius, lowered by times to -5 Celsius….

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The IRANIAN shoe-exposure in our house, for 4 weeks, has ended! Farewell dear Iranian Rowing athletes! We miss you: A LOT! Irene & Aernout Bakels-Blok, 29 Hazelaarlaan, NL-5056 XN Berkel-Enschot

Preparations for RIO
in chronologic order:

2016-04-22 (South-Korea):
Racing times of Iranian Ladies in RIO-qualification games of Rowing at Chung-Ju/South-Korea today. Good results in races 6 and 11 for IRI.
Race 6, Mahsa JAVER, Single Scull, winner.
Race 11: Homeyra Barzegar Tamrin & Nazanin Malaei, Light Double Sculls, only hundreds of seconds away from winner Korea:

South-Korea/Chung-Ju: OG2016 Rio - Qualification Regatta's
2016-04-25 @07:27 hours Dutch time:
Finals of Asian Rowing Federation (ARF) in South-Korea have finished.

Mahsa JAVER, Single Scull
: 2nd. place: Selected for Rio

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NOT selected for Rio: Homeyra BARZEGAR TAMRIN & Nazanin MALAEI, Light Double Scull: 6th place.

The Olympic ambition of Mahsa Javer to be a medallist in Single Scull Rowing (W1x) failed in Rio de Janeiro
The final result for Mahsa Javer in Rio in the section Single Scull Women (49 participants worldwide) was 28th place.

Picture below: Mahsa in preliminary race at 3rd position, resulting after more trials up to E/F Finals.

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The moral of this Iranian adventure for the future, after Rio, also applying to various other rowing- and non-rowing nations:

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©Aernout Bakels (+31 6 53122073) (for) Iranian Rowing Federation